Re: Does hell exist for protestants?

you will find "condemnation to hell" in Luther, Calvin
and their followers and thru-out the history of the protestant church.
things less understood by Prots, and not accepted are limbo and=20

theological "liberalism" can be measured on a hell-scale
in protestantism: those who believe in a cosmological/metaphysical=20
afterlife of damnation are at the ultra-conservative end; those who=20
believe that one makes one's own heaven and hell in this life, or that=20
heaven and hell are related to societal reforms and have nothing to do=20
with afterlife are at the liberal end of the scale. Unitarian=20
Universalists are at the end of the theological spectrum on the left,=20
to wit: all are forgiven , all are promised paradise, all are redeemed=20
by the divine. also, the more explicit the understanding of what=20
obtains regarding cxondemnation to hell usually the more conservative=20
the protestant theology (on the hell scale).

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> Could someone be so kind to tell me if protestants believe en hell and in=
heaven? I supose they don=B4t, but I,m confused about de calvinist doctrin=
e of predestination, related to the ones thay will be saved and the ones wh=
o will not be saved.
> I have three books of protestantism but I haven=B4t still found this answ=
> Thank you very much
> Ana Spinoza



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