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>Could someone give me a brief synopsis of Foucault's introduction to
>Canguilhem's The Normal and the Pathological? Also, has it been published
>in English anywhere other than the Canguilhem book?

For a bibliography of translations of Foucault shorter works into English
see Richard Lynch's excellent bibliography at

Publication details in English
1. "Introduction" G. Canguilhem, The normal and the pathological (New York:
Zone Books, 1991), pp.
7-24. Translated by Carolyn W. Fawcett.
2. "Georges Canguilhem : philosopher of error" Ideology and consciousness,
nº 7 (Autumn 1980), pp. 51-62. Translated by Graham Burchell. BdS nº D391.
361 1. "Life: experience and science" J. Faubion, ed., Aesthetics, method
and epistemology (New York:
New Press, 1998), pp. 465-478. Translated by Robert Hurley.

For some exerpts of Canguilhem on Foucault see


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