Re: Derrida and hospitality

There is a conference/essay by Derrida entitled
"Hostipitalité" where he discusses the question of
hospitality and the aporia it involves (as the title
suggests). He read this essay in a workshop
held in Istanbul in 1997 in Bosphorus University
under the title: Pera Peras Poros: Espacement
et temporalisation de l'étranger.
The proceedings of this workshop have been
pulished in a bilingual (French-Turkish) edition
in 1999. I organised this workshop and coedited
the book. If you read French I can send you a
By the way, Derrida rejects the claim that the turn
toward such topics as hospitality, friendship, gift,
etc. is recent. In fact, he argues that there is no such
turn and that these topics were always present, albeit
in an implicit form, in his work.
He makes this point very clear in an interview I had
with him on this question. But (hélas!) the interview
has been published only in Turkish (although we held
it in English and partly in French). But if you wish
I can give you a summary.

Ferda Keskin
Bogazici University
Department of Philosophy
Bebek Istanbul 80815

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> I'm aware this is the Foucault list, but given there is no Derrida list at
> the village, i thought someone might be able to help. I'm looking for the
> best sources of Derrida's recent turn toward hospitality, besides _Adeu_
> _Politics of Friendship_.. Any help?
> thanks

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