You didn't ask him about vegetarians or the IMF. I suspect the list of
seemingly random and unelaborated opinions could be extended indefinitely.
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> So Rorty says he became too "disaffected" to keep teaching Foucault. He
> thinks Foucault is "politically useless." He agrees with me that Alan
> is an idiot and that Douglas Kellner maybe isn't qualified to write the
> books he's writing. He thinks Lacan's project is kind of worthless, and
> isn't too into Kristeva or Deleuze and Guattari. He didn't disagree with
> that Nussbaum is crap. He's pro-choice.
> ~Nate
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> "The living body is a loving body, and the loving
> body is a speaking body. Without love we are nothing
> but walking corpses. Love is essential to the living
> body, and it is essential in bringing the living
> body to life in language." ~Kelly Oliver

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