I think there are political implications in foucaults attack on both
expert, common sense and specialized notions of science and history. if
consciousness, which could be termed modern configuration of knowledge
just as well, is not perswauded or unquestioning influenced by the power
of modern knowledge, we are indeed occupieing a space in which one can
think differently. And thinking differently is political, in as much as
all habit and action are motivated by our attitudes and perceptions of
reality. Macro politics, what is that? it sounds like real politics, not
the hair brain ideas of a few dreamers- but the cold hard reality
of the " mass individual" in mordern society.

And if we are going to limit ourselves to societies reality we have
already are we not already lost. Is there any future in Macro politics?
If there is anything to be gotten from foucault it is in part that we
don't have to confine our experience with in the limits of Macro politics
with out at the same time falling into idealism.


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