Re: Foucault and pragmatism, q&a

The idea that treating "heterosexuality" as a social construction (i.e.,
calling it what it is) will stop people from breeding is a jaw dropping
claim. Not all societies generate identities out of 19th century
psychological categories, but they all seem to figure out how to make

Vunch. Do you have a citation for Taylor criticizing Foucault as an advocate
of universal homosexuality? I spent a summer at an Institute where Taylor
did a series of talks. I have also read a lot of his stuff. I do not recall
any arguments quite this bizarre coming from him. Indeed, he is usually
quite careful.

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> > Besides, Vunch, is Foucault REALLY saying we should all be gay? Is he
> > saying that heterosexuality should disappear?
> >
> > Of course not.
> Unfortunately, he IS saying that it should, that it is merely a social
> construction!!
> Vunch

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