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Perhaps what was missing from C.D.'s last line was the word 'understand',
and the concept of 'understanding' was missing from P.C.'s reply.

Or maybe....

I am just an idiot.

Glen Fuller.

PS Hey look at that CD and PC, too of the most common acronyms around,
quick, someone ring the Freemasons.

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> Not sure I understand you correctly. Assume for the sake of argument
> that the last sentence of your last posting was completely
> unintelligible and made absolutely no sense whatsoever (I'm not saying
> this is in fact that case, I'm just saying, assume for the sake of
> making an example, that it is). Are you saying that this is a result of
> Plato's sexual activity, 2500 years ago? And are you saying that if he
> had behaved differently, you might then, as a result, today be capable
> of writing intelligible sentences? Furthermore, are you saying that you
> gleaned this insight through a reading of Foucault, and that if it were
> not for "his own scandalous behavior," you may not have gleaned this
> most amazing insight?
> charmaine driscoll wrote:
> > Now we are getting somewhere. As a matter of fact Foucault initiated
> > project. With his life and ideas; for instance;The Lives of Infamous
> > his writing about the hermaphodite,the one about Pierre Riviere, and
> > naturally his own scandalous behaviour. And whether Plato was homosexual
> > makes all the difference in how we, and how I, and how he wrote.

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