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<font size=3D3>This is an analysis that reduces Foucault to little other
than your own biased interpretation of your own sexuality. This is what
he argued aganist. Your post proves the brilliance of Foucault, and the
effects of the exercise of sexual power. Foucault was much more than a
dick penetrating a male assehole or the insertion of some artificial tool
into a female vagina. You say he knew nothing about the secret sapphic
world of women loving women, yet Foucault knew about love, is'ent that
what we do, either male or female, we strive for love? By the way, your
post reveals the kind of discourse that permeates western capitalist
dogma, which is as Foucault might argue, the kind of patriarchal dogma
that destroys the lives of women.<br>
At 01:05 AM 11/07/01 -0400, you wrote:<br>
&gt;You might find some scandalously useful information in the various
&gt;biographies of Michel Foucault. There are about three, and one of
them has a <br>
&gt;lot of juciy tidbits about his sex life! and his relations with
music!! How <br>
&gt;naughty he was! And all those places he haunted...a sort of 20th
century <br>
&gt;Socrates! Or Wilde! But, and I take a deep breath while saying this,
He knew <br>
&gt;nothing about the secret sapphic world of women loving women. So I
suspect <br>
&gt;his taste was affected by this absence in his &quot;oeuvre.&quot; An
awful French <br>
&gt;word, don't you agree? He was a chum of Boulez and the
bosom-buddy(biddy??) <br>
&gt;lover of another musican who never managed to complete=20
&gt;Now I would imagine that Foucault's taste in music was in some or
another <br>
&gt;related to his sexual tastes; he was such a Nietzschean (according to
one of <br>
&gt;the biographers), and seeing as that was the case, I find myself
asking; did <br>
&gt;he like music that was more or less a reflection of his own desires?
To be <br>
&gt;dominated and then to be dominate?<br>
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&gt;&gt;=A0 In an interwiew Paul-Michel Foucault :) sais that he used to
have some <br>
&gt;&gt;interests in music, because he used to live with a musician. But
who is the <br>
&gt;&gt;musician, i dont know.<br>
&gt;&gt;=A0=A0 Dreamduke@xxxxxxx wrote: list<br>
&gt;&gt;foucault often eluded to barraque, perhaps most blatantly,
through his <br>
&gt;&gt;article on boulez -<br>
&gt;&gt;his relationship with the musician is said to have been
tumultuous + <br>
&gt;&gt;violent, maybe the better word is passionate- and in love<br>
&gt;&gt;are his letters, from foucault (sweden) to barraque (paris),
housed in the <br>
&gt;&gt;barraque library- going to be published?<br>
&gt;&gt;and was barraque the turning point, or the point of inflection,
for <br>
&gt;&gt;anything on music<br>
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