Poor Nate and Wousters pretending not to see the
relevance of violence and in particular the violence
of the Israel state against the colonized people of
Palestine. What was Palestine. Today for instance in
Hebron one sees what the Israel army is capable of,
and indeed is willing to do. Under the regime of
Sharon. Of course this is not related so you say to
Deleuze, Guattari and Foucault. All I can say is, that
you must be stupid. A long time ago Felix Guattari
took public stands on these issues as did Deleuze.
Unlike the cowards and meticulous gutless ones on this
list. This list is dead, meaning its value is limited
to the petty exchange of gossip ie. when is the book
Immance being printed? and so on. But when some
members speak of the real Outside you little fuckers
go beserk screaming that it is not important. That is
because you, Nate and Wouster and some others like
Jiveo or however that name is spelled, you at least
speak out like good maniacs; nonetheless you are sick
maniacs and you read to jerk off; but whatever, you
did have the chance to learn you squandered you
asses... The rest of you are cowards all of you: From
the ones who never speak and never take a stand, to
those who play coy behind their silence. You are shit,
shit shit all of you. And this list is dead, and has
nearly always been dead, and what could have been of
value has been destroyed by shits and fuckasses and
rotten dirty filthy silent American translators,
(translators the new breed of traitors who second the
field with their half-truths; and the parasitical
critics;and Australian translators and other technical
second rate decadent third rate commentators. This
list was started by a guy who died of AIDs and he is
the hero. O Excuse us, Chris Jones is good he speaks
and says something, but the rest of you fuck ups, what
shits, if I meet you at some conferences I will puke
in your faces, shit in your suppers at the MLA. Scum
scum scum. Indiffernet hearts in a heartless world is
what Marx called you. Deleuze curses you from his
sucided grave, Guattari, a hero a brave man acting
always shits on you from an immanent space, Foucault
curses and shits on you, Artaud throws his gumless
mouth and devours you with his body with out organs.
Shits, fucks, arselickers, second rate tertiary
parasistes, government grant suckers, directors of
departments, chairs of departments all shits . Every
kid who dies in violence his and her name is your
responsibility, you have betrayed everything, you had
the chance to use the webs and internets to enlarge
the democratic field and you have done nothing but
enlarge your asses, your purses, your resumes, ;I can
only hope that the web is destroyed and along with it
all of the crap we see, that I see, that the webs of
rhizomes and chimereres are all destroyed, that papers
and conferences end, that all of you shit and die in
your shit and die and puke and shit and die, and be
reborn in shit vomit and waste of putrid cowardice.

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