Transcendental? Yipee!!!

Hey Jivko,

What I was trying to point out (in my earlier post bringing up Rorty) was
that Foucault is read from a certain perspective, just as anything is...

>In the Philosophy faculty of Sofia U.
>we assume, that he was a Kantian. philosophers like Deleuze and Habermass
>agree that the
>conception "power" is a transcendental notion, and
>they make verry fruitful analisis of the
>transcendentality of his conception. So this is the
>philosophy. I dont know how it is nowadays in the
>west. Maybe they hide the philosophical from you,
>because the power want to keep the right to workout
>the philosophical for itself. Maybe the power wants
>the questions on the Being, Life and the Freedom to
>be only priority of the power. :-))

Where did your read these definitions of 'power'? Specifically the
transcendental nature of power?
I have always wanted to find something that is transcendental, I mean
something concrete, that would be GREAT!!!!
I am getting fed up with all these pragmatic relational philosophers that I
seem to be drawn to.

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