RE: Il faut defendre Foucault

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<P>I am unable to understand why the idea of unilitarel imposition of anything is&nbsp;so un Foucauldian? would you pls clarify? Are you implying that Foucault does not believe in force relations? (your saying that 'it is inconsistent with his idea of power relations' seems to imply that). It is true that according to Foucault power relations imply certain level of freedom relation as well but I think that should not be confused with the level of domiantion in any society which is determined by sum total of all relations existing at a time&nbsp;and their internal dynamics and overal&nbsp;balance.</P>
<DIV></DIV>Actually, it is rather un-Foucauldian. Foucault would never accept the idea
<DIV></DIV>that nationalism was somehow unilaterally imposed by "the West" on "everyone
<DIV></DIV>else." It is inconsistent with his idea of power relations.
<DIV></DIV>Your casual use of 'us' is also un-Foucauldian.
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