Re: off topic questions?

You can access the Spoon list home page at
<>. As I
recall, there is a Blanchot list. As to the activity
of it, I couldn't tell you...

I also believe it is possible to get a list of all
lists by sending the message "lists" to
majordomo@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx. I might be


--- suannschafer@xxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
> How does one access a listing of the lists at
> ?
> In particular I'm wondering if there is a Blanchot
> list ...
> More particularly I'm interested in what a colleague
> has referred to
> as Blanchot's idea of the image, as found in some
> essay or book
> titled, Literary Space. This is from a colleague in
> Japan, so the
> translation of the title may not be precisely the
> same as it is in
> English ...
> In advance, thanks!

"What's going on?"
"Great question! In the East, the Far East, when a person is sentenced to death, they're sent to a place where they can't escape, never knowing when an executioner will step up behind them and fire a bullet into the back of their head. It could be days, weeks, or even years after the death sentence has been prononunced. This uncertainty adds an exquisite element of torture to the sitution, don't you think? It's been a pleasure talking to you."

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