Re: RE: power and war

>>> suannschafer@xxxxxxxxxxxxx - 4/1/03 9:43 AM >>>
>What is less problematic is the fact that the prowar discourse has a
>metaphysical tone. The opponent is inherently evil and the enemy of
>There's an absolute line between the good ones and the bad ones. The
>ones are the defenders of mankind, because they serve the supreme god.
>have been chosen to do so. They are blessed by the god which rewards
>with technology, because they live in the chosen nation.

I wonder if one has always had to demonize one's opponent in the
line/trench opposite in order to kill him?

Perhaps this is metaphysical, perhaps it is pragmatic in order to
rouse the populace to war?>>

I'm not sure those are mutually exclusive. I'm enough of a materialist
to believe our metaphysic can never be disentangled from our

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