RE: Drug Gaze

The antidrug gaze is just as interesting. The idea of a pure normal person
whose thoughts are pure and normal as God meant it to be, which becomes a
hero in the war against evil, the new Armagaddon. The idea of a war agianst
drugs is just as convincing as the war against weapons of massdestruction,
or the war against communism. You cannot understand any subculture without
putting the dominant culture into question. Foucualt showed us that we learn
about normality by studying the abnormalities. The war against whiskey
created the maffia. Some day we might come to understand why the calvinistic
dominant farmers culture in the U.S. is so good in creating it's own
With drug culture there's also the problem of physical influences, which
vary from person to person.


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| Onderwerp: Drug Gaze
| Perhaps the culture that places such a high value on aquiring,
| dealing and
| consuming pot et al is created by the gaze of the underground
| drug traficing
| profession. Having lived with a pot and herroin adict / dealer
| for several
| months I have some first hand "data" to base my opinions. The various
| rituals that the drug community engage in are as profound as
| those found in
| Freemasonry. Drug rituals reinforce the culture that moves drugs from
| producers to consumers. As medical, juducial, racial and male gaze are
| worthy of research, perhaps also drug gaze is worthy of research.
| Overlay
| Foucault's thought on the drug culture and you may well see many familar
| patterns.
| I have no interest in pursuing this - perhaps a phd candidate
| might find it
| a unique direction and truly add something to the body of knowledge.
| Based on the deteriorated minds of my friends who have been smoking pot
| steadily for the past 30 years I believe that there is validity
| to be waging
| a war against drugs. Perhaps those who are against any war against drugs
| are suffering from pot induced brain damage or are so blinded by
| the rituals
| they are immersed in they cannot see for the drug gaze that they
| reinforce.
| ;-)
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| >
| >I recall a similar lecture by Angela Davis at Stanford last year. She
| >discussed how Cuba is "better" than the US -- quite disturbing
| if you ask
| >me.
| >
| >In regards to prisons, I think the solution is simple. The majority of
| >inmates is a result of the "war on drugs", which, mind you, is
| perpetuated
| >solely by the government to instil fear on the people and to maintain
| >control.
| >
| >There would be no need to build new prisons if the war on drugs
| was ended.
| >The gov't does not want to lose this control, but until this happens we
| >will see new communities being built not to provide for new
| families, but
| >for individuals who use natural plants for recreational use.
| >
| >Solution = stop this foolish "war on drugs" ... get gov't out of the
| >business, the business of selling fear!
| >
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