Re: Fwd: Re: Drug Gaze is as real as Medical Gaze, Judical gaze or Male Gaze

oops--just an amendment to my prior post to clear up
an error-- i meant biopolitics, not body politic.
bryan's response was informative to me but seemed
rather rude to lionel. perhaps not the most
'scholarly' approach, no? anyhow, any criticism of my
answer is welcome but i think i'm best left to
listening, not posting...but please carry on. the
list doesn't need to be moderated, but perhaps we
could keep a somewhat polite, less overtly
condescending tone to the responses, yes? i was
interested in lionel's 'flawed approach', as these
point-counterpoints help me iron out my own
understanding. i was not, however interested in
hearing somebody get dissed, bro--no matter how flawed
their approach.

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