In my recent work I have developed SOCIAL FLUX as an alternative to GAZE

Thank you to everyone for their criticism of my ideas. I have been
purposefully provocative to draw out criticism of how I initially
interpreted Gaze.

My impression has been that Gaze is a limited concept that is bound by
interpretation of Foucault's work. However, I acknowledge that Foucault's
GAZE led me to draw on FLUX from electromagnetic theory. Magnetic FLUX
produces a residue that can damage mechanical components. My analogy
suggests that a similar FLUX arises from any social situation; Social FLUX
produces a residue that can damage social components. For example, when
CEOs try to deal with obligatory and externally imposed issues such as
sustainability (balancing environmental, social and economic performance)
they are confounded by a social residue that can be explained in terms of
the Social FLUX of the organisation. Regardless of their sincere intentions
(and the sincere intentions of others in their organisations) to deal with
sustainabilty issues, the organisation resists taking steps to appropriately
deal with issues.

Relating this to the Drug Discourse, my previous comments may be better
explained in terms of the Social FLUX that arises out of society that is
obsessed with producing, aquiring, distributing, and consuming drugs. I
suggest that dealing with drug issues (either to legalise their use or to
prevent their use) is confounded by the Social FLUX.

In light of the criticism of my concept of a Drug Gaze are there any
comments about my notion of Social Flux?

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In 1976 Michale Foucualt said: ... terrorism ... has a totally opposite
effect which is to make the bourgeois class even more closely attached to
its ideology ... (original in French) 'Le Savoir Comme Crime'

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