Collège courses

I believe Foucault's other Collège de France courses are as follows:
1971: The Will to Knowledge
1972: Penal Theories and Institutions
1973: The Penal Society
1974: Psychiatric Power
1975: Abnormal
1976: Society Must Be Defended (already published in English, the first two
lectures being the 'Two Lectures' in Power/Knowledge)
1978: Security, Territory, and Population
1979: The Birth of Biopolitics
1980: On the Government of the Living
1981: Subjectivity and Truth
1982: The Hermeneutic of the Subject

There are summaries written retrospectively of each of Foucault's Collège
courses in the first section of Volume 1 of his 'Essential Works'.
Only the 1975 and 1976 courses have been published in English as far as I
know, though I believe 'What is Revolution?' in Semiotext(e)'s 'The Politics
of Truth' is a Collège lecture. Last I heard though the plan was to publish
the whole lot over the next few years, in no particular order.


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