Re: [Foucault-L] A recent question that I asked of my lecturer

maybe the answr, or the start of the answer is here, where Deleuze discusses
biopower and the power 'of life'
Gilles Deleuze, *Foucault *(Minneapolis: The University of Minnesota Press,
sorry i cant dig out the actual quote just now but im going to gess its
around p 92

On 06/09/07, Scott Nicholas <snichola@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Hi everyone,
> I'm just wondering if anyone would care to give me their perspective on
> this question that I recently and I think legimately posed?:
> "the question that I meant to follow up with you is: if social practices,
> power relations and technologies of the self in creating docile bodies are
> constitutive of the contemporary individual according to Foucault (this is
> what I believe him to be saying?) then how can the individual decide to or
> take the initiative to resist said relations, practices and technologies? Of
> course Foucault might respond by saying well we can invariably reconstitute
> ourselves by actively changing or acting on our environment but that seems
> to presuppose an active body; a knowing self certain individual(not the
> Cartesian variety of course); who has the wherewithall to understand their
> predicament accurately; and, moreover, who has the means to influence said
> practices, relations and technologies. This seems to imply that we are more
> than just docile bodies.I recall you saying in the lecture that Foucault
> did not account sufficiently for the psychological effects of power but this
> may have prove!
> d self defeating in terms of his efforts to remove the subject from
> politicaly motivated discourses."
> Is my construal accurate?
> cheers
> Scott
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[Foucault-L] A recent question that I asked of my lecturer, Scott Nicholas
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