[Foucault-L] Introductions

Hello all,

My name is John J Crandall. I am an anthropology student at Syracuse
University in New York State. I am also an LGBT Studies minor (a queer
studies minor) and a religion minor. My interests include the various
cultures and societies that sprang from the African Diaspora, AIDS
prevention, Medical Anthropology, Caribbean Cultures, Afro-Carribean
Religions and Queer Theory.

I'm familiar with much of Foucault but I'm not at all an expert. I am also a
fan of Judith Butler and David M. Halperin and secretly enjoy reading
literature that critiques anthropological theory. I'm just here to learn and
maybe share some of my wisdom with the various student groups I help run.

Nice to find an interesting listserv

John J Crandall

Outreach Coordinator, Pride Union

Syracuse University


Anthro 10

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