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You may be interested in following :

Jones, H. (2005), Visibility and consent, the sexual abuse of elderly women, IN Foucault and Aging, EDs J.Powell and A.Wahidin, Nova Science Publishers. pp. 89-100.

Looks at issues of power and sexual violence against older women using a Foucauldin lens.

Lynne Livsey
PhD Student
Institute of Gerontology
King's College London

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I am looking for scholarship on Foucault and women and power.
Specifically women's rights in order to theorize around the political
divide among progressives and conservatives on the topic of a woman's
right to choose (i.e. abortion). I'm interested in how power plays
upon women, how women use and take power, and how women are given or
denied power in western society.

I am familiar with Butler's theories and several French feminists but
would like to find other contemporary scholars working on women and
Foucault who are not necessarily Freudian or Lacanian. Nietzschean's

Natalia Fior

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