[Foucault-L] critiquing Thomas Friedman and "golden straightjacket"

I know the 1979 course on neolib was his only survey of contemporary
economic-politics in any detail and that it is only preliminary and
not exhaustive.
I was wondering if anybody knew of anyway to use certain ideas in that
course to construct a critique of Friedman's "Golden Straightjacket"
argument that argues all world states are to embrace the free market
system inevitably in order to survive in the contemporary world order.
I know I'm somewhat simplyfying what is really a somewhat slippery
term in his work but if anybody knows of any pointers with which to
scrutinize these claims, I would be most happy.

Chetan Vemuri
West Des Moines, IA
"You say you want a Revolution! Well you know, we all want to change the world"

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