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I am a Masters Research student at Newcastle University in Australia.

It is early days for me and my reading of Foucault is introductory but I am eager to learn more.

I have developed a blog over the last 2 or 3 years exploring a meandering spiritual journey but now I am planning to use it to explore my research as it develops.


I'd appreciate some people taking a look if you have time.

For quick reference here is the broad outline of the thesis. I am hoping over time to head towards a PhD but, like I said, it is early days. Sometimes I get lost in the complexities of the comments on this list but I am confident of learning and growing.

Thesis: Why Churches and Christian Institutions reject the "other" especially looking at the experience of Gay and Lesbian people. Looking to use Focault's Discourse Theory as a framework for analysing discourses that occur within Christian groups. Perhaps also limit experiences?



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