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Dear list members,

I would like to mention the publication of my new book, which might be of
interest to list members: The Logic of Cultures - Three structures of
philosophical thought (Bern: Peter Lang, 2010).

Here is the catalogue synopsis:

This book proposes to identify three long-term structures in causal reasoning -
in particular, in terms of the relationship between cause and identity - that
appear to be of value in categorizing and organizing various trends in
philosophical thought. Such conceptual schemes involve a host of philosophical
dilemmas (such as the problem of relativism), which are examined in the first
chapter. A number of naturalistic and transcendental approaches to this problem
are also analysed.

In particular, the book attempts to construct a theoretical basis for Foucault's
tripartite classification of epistemological structures in European thought. The
final chapter attempts to buttress the above schema by extending the analysis
from cause and identity to growth, change, and stability, critiquing certain
ideas of Foucault and Heidegger, as well as examining the contemporary thought
of process philosophy and complexity theory.

Contents: Plurality and Causality - What is a Paradigm? - Paradigms and Causal
Structure - Universality and Mathesis Universalis - Temporality and Visibility -
Classical and Modern Probability Theory - The Environment and Non-Monotonicity -
The Marburg School and the Limit Concept; Foucault's concept of 'Man' -
Nineteenth Century Philosophy of Science - A Dynamic Model - Foucault and the
Birth of the Clinic - Process, Growth and Complexity - Time and History.

It may be found on-line here:


And (more cheaply) here:


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