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Thanks for all your work in managing the list.

Anthony O'Brien
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Dear all,

This is to let you know that I intend to close down and archive the Foucault List.

The 1000 members of the Foucault List produced more than 12,000 posts over 20 years of activity:
- 1993 in Thinknet
- 1994-2004 in Spoon Collective
- 2004-2013 in

After 9 years running the list, I’m moving on to other things.

A member of the Foucault-L may value this list enough to step in and recreate it somewhere else. Architexturez Network, who has been providing technical support since 2004, is available to allow for a smooth transition.

You can share your thoughts on the list itself or contact me directly to admin-foucault@xxxxxxxxxxxxx

Best regards,

Camille Duchêne

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