[Foucault-L] The sovereignity of reason and the debter-prison-welfare-state

A selection from the second chapter La grand renfermement ('The Great Confinement') of Histoire de la folie by Michel Foucault (1961) which blends together both existing English translations (privaliging Howard's earlier translation of the abridged text over Kalfa's recent one of the complete text, using the latter to fill in the gaps-- and occassionally supply the defiencies-- of the former).

"Where proud Augusta, blest with long Repose,
Her ancient Wall and ruin'd Bulwark shows;
Close by a verdant Plain, with graceful Height
A stately Fabric rises to the Sight.
Yet, though its Parts all elegantly shine,
And sweet Proportion crowns the whole Design;
Though Art, in strong expressive Sculputre shown,
Consummate Art informs the breathing Stone;
Far other Views than these within appear,
And Woe and Horror dwell forever here.
For ever from the echoing Roofs rebounds
A dreadful Din of heterogeneous Sounds;
From this, from that, from ev'ry Quarter rise
Loud Shouts, and sullen Groans, and doleful Cries;
Heart-soft'ning Plaints demand the pitying Tear,
And Peals of hideous Laughter shock the Ear."

Thomas Fitzgerald,Bedlam: A Poem, 1733.

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