Discourse and Truth: the Problematization of Parrhesia: 6 lectures given by Michel Foucault at the University of California at Berkeley, Oct-Nov. 1983

— Foucault, Michel. “Discourse and Truth: the Problematization of Parrhesia.” 6 lectures at University of California at Berkeley, CA, Oct-Nov. 1983.

Alexandra Meets Diogenes
Alexandra Meets Diogenes Source: M.Toumbis, Postcard, Athens No.48

Editor’s notes:

Ed. by Joseph Pearson in 1985: “The text was compiled from tape-recordings made of six lectures delivered, in English, by Michel Foucault at the University of California at Berkeley in the Fall Term of 1983. The lectures were given as part of Foucault’s seminar, entitled “Discourse and Truth”. Since Foucault did not write, correct, or edit any part of the text which follows, it lacks his imprimatur and does not present his own lecture notes. What is given here constitutes only the notes of one of his auditors. Altough the present text is primarily a verbatim transcription of the lectures, repetitive sentences or phrases have been eliminated, responses to questions have been incorparated, whenever possible, into the lectures themselves, and numerous sentences have been revised, the division of the lectures into sections and the section headings also have been added, all in the hope of producing a more readable set of notes.”

Reed. 1999: The text was adapted for the web, as a digital archive, by Foucault.info in 1999. The footnotes and bibliography added by J.Pearson are missing.

Reed. 2006: Some Greek quotes added, reorganisation into 6 files and formatting.

Available in photocopy and audiotapes. [BdS n D213.] (Evanston, Illinois: Northwestern University, 1985)

  • Dutch translation: Parresia (Amsterdam: Krisis, 1989).
  • Published under the title “Fearless Speech” Semiotext(e) 2001.
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