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On Wed, 14 Sep 1994, A.J. Wright wrote:

> Uh, ok...I hope this is not too grating on the nerves here, but I would
> like to start into Foucault with _Birth of the Clinic_...would anyone care
> to recommend some books/articles for a neophyte, on M.F. in general and on
> that particular work? TIA...A.J. Wright/meds002@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

_Power/Knowledge_, a collection of essays by Foucault, is highly
recommended. Of course, if you want further background, especially on
intellectual influences, perhaps you can try several short works, such as
Nietzsche's _Genealogy of Morals_, Marx's _The Communist Manifesto_, and one
of Freud's short essays on "play," before proceeding to Foucault.
Nietzsche's works are especially important, since they influenced
Foucault tremendously.

For criticism, there are several texts. I don't remember the exact
titles. I think one is The Foucault Reader, or something like that. And
there's the book from Foucault's friend, Gilles Deleuze, simply titled

Rafael Acuna
Ateneo de Manila University

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