Re: List Participation

> I just read your message asking for an introductory work on MF's Naissance
> de la Clinique, and it occurred to me that I do know an excellent work,
> done by a Brazilian scholar, but has the drawback of being written in
> Portuguese. It's called "Ciencia e Saber", the author is Roberto Machado,
> and it was published by Editora Graal, Rio de Janeiro, 1982.
> It's a pity that there isn't an English or French version.
> Yours,
> Ken

I believe Machado's book comes from his thesis in Paris that was written in
Paris. Could not our Brazilian friends convince Machado to put the
French thesis on line? It would be a great service to all (and might
induce an English translation, all to the benefit of the author).

I own Machado's work which I bought in Rio almost ten years ago.
It is indeed quite good.


Jean-Claude Guedon

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