Re: Wright's Request

Macey's biography is available in paperback by Vintage.

Other recent works worth looking at are the following, but they do require
some background in continental philosophy, criticial theory etc.

Michael Kelly (ed) 1994, Critique and Power: recasting the Foucault/Habermas
Debate. MIT Press.

Axel Honneth 1991, The Critique of Power, MIT Press.

Peter Miller, 1987(?) Domination and Power,

Peter Dews, 1987,Logics of Disintegration, Verso.

All deal with the relation between Foucault and other European thinkers,
especially Adorno, Nietzsche, Habermas etc. with varying degrees of sympathy.
All are serious intellectual works, unlike some of the "pop" stuff around.

Paul Rutherford

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