Re: Foucault and what he read by the Frankfurt School

> In a number of places Foucault mentions his debt to the Frankfurt
> School. And I am wondering what this debt really consists in. Does anyone
> here have any information on what it is Foucault read by the FS? On a
> similar point, Foucault says he was deeply influenced by Heidegger,
> but that he never read _Being and Time_. Does anyone have any ideas what
> else it is Foucault might have been looking at? Perhaps Heidegger's
> _Nietzsche_? He does say that it was Heidegger and Nietzsche *together*
> that provided him with a big shock.
See the Interview with Gerard Raulet, entitled 'Structuralism and Post-
Structuralism', TELOS, No 55 Spring 1983.

Also the interview with Duccio Trombadori entitled 'Adorno, Horkheimer, and
Marcuse: Who is a Negator of History' in the Semiotext(e) edition of REMARKs
ON MARX , Michel Foucault.

Both are major comments by Foucault on his relation to the Frankfurt School

Paul Rutherford
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