Re: More on Foucault and Heidegger

Until at least fairly recently, it was not allowed for French students to
write dissertations on living philosophers (Heidegger died in 1976). This
of course also has a depressing effect curricular effect, so it seems quite
possible that Foucault got through the system without having any rigorous,
formal or systematic exposure to Heidegger, especially a Heidegger
unfiltered through Sartre et. al. Hegel is, of course, another story,
especially in light of Kojev, Althusser Hyppolite et. al. There was a
definite Hegelian renaissance in France in the 30s-50s and beyond. Whether
Foucault got far into of much beyond the Phenomenology and perhaps a bit of
the Logic is, to me unclear. I would be grateful for any information anyone might
have on precisely what Foucault really read of Hegel.

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>Do you think it would be possible to go through the French academic system and
>not know Heidegger (as well as Hegel)?
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