Re: (tardy) Normalization and Control


Sorry for the long delay in responding to your query. I've
become a once-every-other-week-user. I'm not sure of your particular
interest in deviance and social control, but I've listed four works
that may be relevant. Probably the work that is the closest to the
issues discussed on this list is #3.

1) Lemert, Edwin M. 1964. "Social Structure, Social Control, and
Deviation. In Clinard, Marshall B. (ed.). ANOMIE AND DEVIANT
BEHAVIOR. New York: The Free Press.

2) Hirschi, T. 1969. CAUSES OF DELINQUENCY. Berkeley: Univ of
California Press.

3) Goffman, Erving. 1968. ASYLUMS. New York: Simon & Schuster.

4) Milgram, Stanley. 1974. OBEDIENCE TO AUTHORITY. New York:
Harper & Row.

Also, there are many text books that provide a gloss on these
issues. Feel free to write me directly if I can help with more
specific concerns.


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> Foucauldians,
> My original point about a difference between control and
> normalization stems from my background in sociology. In the
> sociology of deviance literature there is much work on the
> relationship btw forms of deviance and the social control of these
> forms of deviance.
> Dan

Having no background at all in sociology, I would like to ask you to
indicate 3 or 4 works that take the slant you refer to above. My field is
French literature (16th century, at that), so I would prefer to read works
that don't call for a solid grounding in jargon. Is that asking too much?



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