Governing Australia Conference


12 - 13 November 1994
State Library, Sydney

This conference focuses on the rationalities, strategies and techniques by
which we govern and are governed, considering them mostly in the context of
contemporary Australia. Following Foucault's insistence that the general
problem of government is that of how to conduct the conduct of others, and
indeed of oneself, a number of recent studies have attempted to go beyond
the traditional academic concentration on the agencies and practices of the
state. They have examined for example: the various practices of government
and forms of authority constitutive of diverse agencies; the rationalities
and techniques of governing that are shared by state and non-state
agencies; the integration of domains of expertise into the practices of
government; the manner in which identities, and categories of person and
self, become objects and objectives of governing; and the distinctive ethos
of particular forms of government.

The aim of the conference is to bring together a variety of papers that
broadly develop this perspective with particular reference first to the
rationalities and practices of government in contemporary Australia, and
secondly the status and limits of such concepts as 'government' and
'governmentality', 'liberal modes of government' and 'neo-liberalism'.

Speakers include: John Ballard, ANU; David Burchell, UWS; Tom Clarke, ANU;
Hal Colebatch, UNSW; Mitchell Dean, Macquarie; Gary Dowsett, Macquarie;
Brian Galligan, ANU; Moira Gatens, ANU/Sydney; John Girdwood, Macquarrie;
Barry Hindess, ANU; Ian Hunter, Griffith; Jeffrey Minson, Griffith; Paul
Patton, Sydney; Nikolas Rose, London; Tim Rowse, Menzies School of Health;
Alison Smith, ANU; Michael Wearing, UNSW; Anna Yeatman, Macquarie.

Registration (by 24 October 1994): $100 (concessions $70) for two days;
$ 60 (concessions $40) for one day. The registration fee includes coffee,
tea and lunch. Cheques should be made payable to The Australian National

Late registration: add $10 per day to the above rates.


Mitchell Dean, Sociology, Macquarrie University, NSW 2109
fax: (02) 8508062; tel: (02) 8508703; e-mail: Mitchell.Dean@xxxxxxxxx

Barry Hindess, Political Science, RSSS, ANU, Canberra, ACT 0200
fax: (06) 2493051; tel: (06) 2492134; e-mail: b.hindess@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Barry Hindess <b.hindess@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Political Science Program
The Research School of Social Sciences
Australian National University,
Canberra, ACT 0200
Telephone (06) 249 2120; FAX No (06) 249 3051

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