Re: Foucault and 'tsm' - death and (w)rites

Malgosia wrote:

> I have just found
>myself at a loss, lately, about how one even goes about trying to answer
>the question "do I support X?" when X involves the death of others and
>never possibly one's own. So one very primitive proposal is that the
>question "do I support X?" is equivalent to "would I kill and let
>myself be killed for X?". I would love to move beyond this
>primitivism, but am not sure how.

Let's look at other forms of death - would I write and let others be able
erase my writing?
Would I write and let others write over /overwrite/ (c)over rights/
(rem)ove rights /over rites
and to what extent would this entail notions of support or endorsement?

Jerry Everard
ANU Canberra, Australia

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