Re: Foucault and 'tsm' - death and (w)rites

Jerry wrote:

> Let's look at other forms of death - would I write and let others be able
> erase my writing?
> Would I write and let others write over /overwrite/ (c)over rights/
> (rem)ove rights /over rites
> and to what extent would this entail notions of support or endorsement?

I think my "death" argument goes something like this: unless the potential
price of one's support/endorsement is commensurate with that paid by the
immediate participants, the support involves an element which crudely
can be described as having others pay for the pleasures of one's
endorsement. Now I am not absolutely certain that this argument has
any merit at all, but I don't believe that having one's writing erased
is really commensurate with physical death, however well matched they
may be metaphorically.

- malgosia
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