Re: Foucault List Update (Everyone Please Read)

On Wed, 9 Nov 1994, Hogan M E wrote:

> Sponsorship of the internet is a denial of the ethos behind it being set up in
> the first place - money and information should not be linked in any way.

Ummmm, actually, warfare and surveillance was the reason for it being
established in the first place; universities just got lucky because the
DoD moved on to bigger and better things

The internet is NOT free and even though you may not be paying out of your
pocket for your account, someone is. In an ideal world, a foucault list
would be free, as would a course on foucault at a university, but hey,
universities are economic institutions that are designed to make money.
And so is the internet. It is becoming more and more porivatized as time
goes on, but even the public channels are paid for by someone.

Ben Attias

> Who is to decide what is a fair ammount? If someone asks for money, simply
> move the list; this is a nascent method of communication and those witout
> finances should not be squeezed out. The concept of eternal philanthropy -
> from the likes of Ron McDonald or anyone else, is not a likely reality.
> peace
> martin hogan

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