Re: Foucault List Update (Everyone Please Read)

>Foucault Listers:
>What follows below is an explanation of some of the current difficulties
>we, of the Spoon Collective, have been experiencing lately. As a result
>of the circumstances explained below, the Foucault List will be moving to
>a new e-mail serving site. At this time we are unaware of what this
>location will be.

At the risk of changing forever the concept of freedom of the internet, I
suggest sponsorship by individuals. For some of us finances may be less of
a difficulty than for others.

You would want to diminish the possibility that a single sponsor would in
some way, implicitly or explicitly, have an influence on the forum. Perhaps
several people could sponsor a forum that is important to them. For
example, I would be prepared to commit to a sponsorship of the Foucault
forum for a period of, say, six months. In other words, I would make a
voluntary payment of "x" amount of dollars to cover a six month commitment.
If others would join in as they are able, the financial burden might be met.
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