Re: panopticons; not just in Glasgow

As a lateral thought on the subject of filming, taping and "catching
out" one's public existence, are those interactions where one is
disciplined precisely by seeing the tape as it happens. Walking
by a shop, being in a sports arena (like Toronto's SkyDome), being
plucked out of a crowd, and being allowed to catch oneself "in
the act" has the disconcerting effect of presenting conditions of
self-management as a shopper, an audience member, a good citizen
of the consumer realm, someone who fits in and "looks" part of
the subject one is supposed to be. In other words, it might be
interesting to consider those scenes where we are invited to
partake in our own identity-shaping via the disciplinary reflections
of tape that records our doings.

S. Katz,
Trent University

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