Conference Announcement


There will be many great papers on Foucault presented at the 1995 SPEP
(Society for Phenomenology and Existential Philsosophy) Conference this
year. The conference will be held at DePaul University in Chicago on
October 12-14, 1995. If you are interested in any of the following
topics, please plan to attend this exciting conference.

Here is a list of the papers dealing specifically with Foucault:

1. Ewa Ziarek, "'The Unraveled Calligram': Foucault's Aesthetics of
Existence" -- Thursday, Oct. 12 from 3:45-6:30pm

2. Margaret A. McLaren, "Foucault and the Subject of Feminism" --
Thurdsay, Oct. 12 from 3:45-6:30pm

3. Ann J. Cahill, "Foucault, Rape, and the Construction of the Feminine
Body" -- Thursday, Oct. 12 from 3:45-6:30pm

4. Amy Allen, "To Speak Is To Die: Language and Death in Hegel and
Foucault" -- Friday, Oct. 13 from 2:00-4:00pm

5. Ladelle McWhorter, "Foucault's Attack on Sex-Desire" -- Saturday,
Oct. 14 from 2:30-5:30pm

There will also be papers which involve Foucault's philosophy in the
context of other topics, which are not listed here. All of the paper
titles, room assignments, and paper abstracts will be available at

Registration for the 1995 SPEP conference will be in the DePaul Center,
beginning at 9:00am and ending at 5:00pm each day of the conference.

There will be many other papers on all subjects in Continental Philosophy
presented at this conference. This is the annual conference of SPEP and
is the largest conference on Continental Philosophy held in America. If
you are interested in attending, or want to know how to join SPEP, please
read the following.

The official conference hotel is the Blackstone Hotel located on Michigan
Avenue at Balboa Street, Chicago IL 60605. The conference rate is
$99/single, $109/double, and other rates. Reservations must be made no
later than September 14 to obtain these special rates. When making
reservations, please mention that you are part of the SPEP conference.
The telephone number is 1-800-622-6330. The hotel is located within a
short walking distanc eof the DePaul Center, where the conference will
take place.

If you need any other information about the conference or about SPEP,
please email Kristin Switala at kswitala@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


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