foucault and power

Hi, first message.

Have been enjoying F and power thread.

Lets see if I can get this right. F. draws a distinction between power and
domination. As I understand F power is the ability to construct subjects
which in turn become the objects of certain form of knowledge and ways of
speaking (truth) about that subject. In this respect truth become
constraining - there are only certain acceptable ways of talking aboput
particular subjects. This discourse is further reinforced by the
construction of non-discursive structures which serve the communities of
knowledge e.g. hospitals, banks, school, factories ..... Thus, power is
not located in any individual - individuals are vehicles that carry the
discourse of 'truth'. Power is therefore 'everywhere' - we take part in
our own domination. Hence the panoptic metaphor - we become our own keeper
measuring ourselves against knowledge and 'truth'. It is no accident that
the most important piece of equipment ina gym or hairdressing shop is -
the mirror. We measure ourselves and guage what we see in the reflection
against the latest fashion trends - the latest discourse. Our body (in the
example of the gym) must take on a specific shape.

Am I on the right track?

john ford


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