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Date: Sun, 05 Feb 95 12:48:00 PST
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Subject: Re: What do you mean - power?

I think that Foucault indeed 'acknowledges domination' its just that he
doesn't articulate clearly what this means. Weber argued that domination
means the probability that a given individual will act on the basis of a
command regardless of its specific content. Power for him, had a very
specific meaning, as did discipline. The attempt to establish a
micro-physics of power is problematic because the notion becomes divorced
from a specific relation between subjects. To be constituted as a subject is
already for Foucault to be dominated. The question is this: is the
development of a micro-physics of power the substratum upon which certain
types of relations of domination are based? If so in what sense is it itself
power? The question of exploitation is of course an entirely different
matter which is clearly distinct from but related to the question of


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