Re: Pipe

Other sources that might be helpful:

1) A large chapter of Stuart Ewen's ALL CONSUMING IMAGES is devoted to the

2) In addition to co-editing the book on the US War Against Iraq with Susan
Jeffords, Lauren Rabinovitz also wrote a book on film, POINTS OF
RESISTANCE, which highlights Foucault.

3) Dilip Parameshwar Gaonkar and Robert McCarthy recently wrote an
excellent piece (1994) in the journal, PUBLIC CULTURE, on the panopticon,
Bentham, and the public sphere.

4) There is a piece from a few years back in the journal, CRITICAL STUDIES
IN MASS COMMUNICATION, about "Foucault and Dr. Ruth."

5) There is also a piece (I forget what journal) by Eric Gilder on initial
responses by gay men to AIDS.

6) You are probably familiar with Paula Treichler's work on AIDS, which
relies heavily on Foucault.

7) John Sloop has a recent piece (1994) in the journal, COMMUNICATION
QUARTERLY, on Public Enemy.

I'm not sure how Said would be helpful in relation to Foucault and media.
For the most part, while Said is critical of the media, he is also critical
of Foucault.



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