Re: Foucault and Religion

Dear Ed,
There are several primary and secondary sources on Foucault and
Religion. Here are a few:

A. Primary Sources
1. Foucault, Michel, "Iran, the spirit of a world without spirit," in
POLITICS, PHILOSOPHY, CULTURE. Trans. A. Sheridan. (New York: Routledge,
1988), pp. 211-226.

2. Foucault, Michel, "The Battle for chastity," in POLITICS, PHILOSOHY,
CULTURE, pp. 227-241.

3. Foucault, Michel, "The Return of Morality," in POLITICS, PHILOSOPHY,
CULTURE, pp. 242-254.

B. Secondary Sources

1. Chidester, David, "Michel Foucault and the study of religion,"
RELIGIOUS STUDIES REVIEW Vol. 12 (Jan. 1986), pp. 1-10.

2. Stein, A.L. "Literature and language after the death of God," HISTORY
OF EUROPEAN IDEAS Vol. 11 (1989), pp. 791-795.

I hope these help!

Kristin Switala

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