Re: Foucault and Religion

Dear Ed,
I forgot one more source on Foucault and religion: the fourth
volume of the HISTORY OF SEXUALITY series, titled, CONFESSION OF THE
FLESH. There is an English translation (in manuscript form only)
circulating among the upper-echelon Foucault scholars in America right
now. (A friend of mine was house-sitting for someone and saw it sitting
on his desk. Needless to say, his eyes popped out!) However, there is
no telling when this volume will be formally published, since it was a
condition of Foucault's final will and testament not to have any
unfinished texts published. But, since there is already a rough copy
translation floating around, I'm sure that it won't be long until this
volume comes out. Good luck getting it!

Kristin Switala

Email: kswitala@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


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