Re: Foucault's biography

Jim Miller is a professor of POLITICAL SCIENCE at the New School,
and a Dean of Liberal Studies. He also taught at Texas, BU, and other
places. He's also written an excellent book on Rousseau, a book on SDS
and the Sixties, and a very early work on existentialism. He used to
contribute regularly to TELOS.

I think the bashing going on here reflects people's own
investments in Foucault, which is understandable. Miller writes as both
a schlar and a kind of moralist, but NOT one for whom homosexuality is a
moral issue at all: it is conscious, deliberate action and its ethical
value that are his concern. Hence his criticism of Nietzsche as well.

I do not share his views of Foucault or Nietzsche, but this is a
valuable, informative book, based on extensive interviewing and research,
so let's give credit where it is due.

Harvey Goldman
University of California, San Diego


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