Slow Read (Remarks On Marx)

Thanks to my good friend Malgosia I now possess a copy of _Remarks On
Marx_ (ROM). As a result, I will conduct the slow reading on ROM. Those
who do not have the text, please do not worry. The slow read will be
conducted in a way that consists of my posting sections of ROM and
providing some commentary on these sections. In this way, all members on
the list who want to participate can do so. Others on the list who have
the text can jump ahead of the pace I set, if they wish.

ROM is a semiotext of interviews with Foucault carried out by Duccio
Trombadori. Like the majority of Foucault's other interviews (in
_Power/Knowledge_ and _Politics, Philosophy, Culture_ for instance),
the conversations are accessible to all. Foucault neophytes should have
little difficulty understanding the text, especially since other
members on the list can be used as resources to clarify any problems or
ambiguities that may arise. The first chapter of ROM, "How An
`Experience Book' Is Born," will immediately engage us in some of the
most general problematics about Foucault's position, problematics of
which we are all aware. I will begin posting on the first chapter tomorrow.

If anyone has any questions or comments about the reading that they do
not wish to post directly to the list, feel free to contact me at the
address below.

Yours in discourse,

Steven Meinking


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