Saint Foucault

Just wondering if anyone else has read / heard about David Halperin's
new book _Saint Foucault: Towards a Gay Hagiography_. I recall some
discussions on this forum in the past concerning the relationship
between Foucault's being gay and his work. I'd suggest that anyone
interested in the topic, pro or con, pick up Halperin's excellent book.

His central aim seems to be to demonstrate how Foucault's work has
undergirded a substantial portion of modern queer political movements --
and he shows that queer politics has demonstrated many of the subtle
resistances foreshadowed and reflected by Foucault's work, rather than
relying primarily on liberatory notions that seem to drive some other
historical/modern emancipatory movements.

In doing so, he also shows, with perhaps less of the voyeuristic
appeal/horror of James Miller's biography, how Foucault's queerness inspired
and was inspired by his theoretical work.

That's a too short summary, even for this too short book (about the
length of H of S, v1, ironically -- but for about $32!). My main
interest is whether anyone else has read the book and/or would like to
discuss it here.

Obviously, I am sympathetic with Halperin's reading of Foucault and
Foucault's life. (In fact I wish I'd written the book -- yep, one of
those.) But I'd be happy also to discuss with those who are not as
sympathetic to the queering of Foucault's work. One way or another, I
remain convinced it's the key to understanding Foucault :)

Any interest?

Blaine Rehkopf
York University



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