New To List

Hi, all. I'm new to this list, and not by any means an expert on
Foucault. I read a bit in college, (History of Sexuality v.1, selections
from Birth of the Clinic, Discipline and Punish) was intrigued (in the
excited, naive way college students are), and have had
periodic exposure since. Nor am I an academic, but I did take a graduate
anthro class last semester where I used a smidgeon of Foucault in my paper.

In the class a student made a comment that Foucault was post-modernist.
I'm sorry to say I'm uninformed about post-modernism, but from what I
could gather that was very bad.

Here's my question. Why is Foucault considered post-modernist, and why
are post-modernists so heavily criticized?

Hopefully this question is not too basic for this list.

Thanks to anyone who responds!

-Karen Kolodenko


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