Re: foucault and habermas

Pauline, no doubt the most notable dividing line between Foucault
and Habermas is that running from truth to reason. I would recommend
the article by David Ingram, "Foucault and Habermas on the Subject
of Reason" in _The Cambridge Companion to Foucault_ ed. Gary Gutting.
A clear shot at Habermas' critique of Foucault can be found in
Mitchell Dean's _Critical and Effective Histories: Foucault's
Methods and Historical Sociology_.

Despite his debates with Habermas, Foucault also borrows the former's
ideas about "techniques" to deel
develop his powerful concept of "technologies of the self" (see
"Sexuality and Solitude", _Humanities in Review_ Vol. 1, 1982,
with Richard Sennett).

Stephen Katz,
Trent University.

PS. Habermas comments, _Taking Aim at the Heart of the Present_
(this is an article in _Foucault: A Critical Reader_) is part
the larger critical debate Foucault began with his "What is
Enlightenment?" Dreyfus and Rabinow follow in this book with
an assessment of their own.


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