Re: foucault and habermas

On Sat, 22 Jul 1995, Sam Binkley wrote:

> Pauline:
> I'll take a stab at this one:

An admirable stab (I'm printing it off to think about it at length -
undergraduate thought process is slow... at least this one's is!).

It is a funny scenario in my class for Habermas as most of us did some
sort of 'post-structural' study in first semester so we feel (with no
justification) hostile towards someone trying to recoup 'modernist'
ideals (my last tutorial ended in a yelling match, the tutor included!).

I have done very little of the reading for Habermas at this stage and
thought that a 'way in' might be through his 'conflict' with Foucault's
thought (and Lyotard's, but that's off topic) which I am more familiar with
(but not - by any means - an expert in!).

Your response, and others, have helped me make this entrance to Habermas'
thought and I thank you all sincerely.

Best Regards....Pauline.


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